Thursday 8 January 2015

2015. Revival of the Daleks. Or this blog.

2015 is upon us, and as every other arsehole seems to have a blog, it seems only fitting I join the illustrious ranks. This blog will cover any of the thoughts that happen to flit between my ears, and will mostly consist of Doctor Who ranting, ravings, ramblings and... I've run out of words for that particular alliteration.

Chances are, if you're reading this, you already follow me on Twitter. Well done. Have a biscuit. And if you don't.. Why the bloody hell not? Hit that follow button and get your arse over there, stat.

Beyond Doctor Who, I'll doubtless meander into the world of heavy metal Laurel and Hardy, evolutionary biology, atheism, and any other crap that I happen to think anyone just might give a rats behind about.

The blog is in VERY early stages. Bear with me. I'll get there, but as you can see from my last, enthralling entry, it's been a while, so..

My first proper entry, hopefully tomorrow, will discuss the results of last years Doctor Who poll, and what is wrong with it! Yup, these posts are going to be every bit as opinionated and sweary as my Twitter feed. If you don't like that, go and find some pictures of kittens. I'm told by a reliable source, the Internet contains at least 4 such images.

For anyone who does follow my Twitter feed, you'll understand my next comment.. Why, in the name of Robert Mugabe's bollocks does autocorrect change "meandering into" into "mrs bint". That's VERY disturbing, and is an image I am going to struggle to remove from my cranium for at least a week.

There will be an upcoming blog about my testicles as well. No. It isn't a pornographic entry (fnar, fnar!), but will be an exploration into my cancer diagnosis and subsequent recovery. It'll be light hearted, but hopefully, if even one guy out there gives his nuts a feel, it'll have been worthwhile.

See you on the Twittersphere!


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