Thursday 26 February 2015

Short and Sweet

At the end of January, I wrote a blog post, musing on Twitter, and upon the friendships I have formed on there. Today, I want to reflect on my blog.
It will be a mercifully short post (!) however, having viewed my stats is one I believe is necessary.

I started this blog way back in 2009, and after a few posts, promptly forgot about it. It was only on the 8th January, this year, that I decided to resurrect it, musing on anything that happened to wander into my tiny mind. The intent was was for the blog to be predominately dedicated to Doctor Who, with a smattering of politics, science and so forth.

Twitter followers will have noticed that I post, from time to time, stats on my various posts. I do not do so out of self aggrandizement, or ego. I do so as a "thank you" to each and every person who has pissed away their valuable time reading the arse-gravy that spews forth from my brain. I seldom mention compliments, although always try to thank people who make them. Neither do I retweet them. Frankly, I find people who retweet every compliment aimed at them rather crass. Twitter does seem to provoke a desire amongst some people to seek validation or praise for everything they write, which they gleefully feel the need to pass on. I don't. And it may, to some, appear as a result of this, that any praise or compliments sent my way are unnoticed. Nothing could be further from the truth..

I didn't start blogging for any reason other than I enjoy writing. I enjoy sharing my opinion, certainly, but more than anything, I simply love writing. That anyone would get pleasure from my ramblings was genuinely the last thing on my mind.

Since January, my little blog has been read a mind boggling 2,000 times. By far and away my most popular post has been my recent tribute to Stan Laurel, which alone has been read almost 400 times. I mention these numbers, not out of ego, but out of pure gratitude, to each and every one of those readers. To think that 400 people read a tribute because I wrote it would, in all honesty, be delusional. They, or you, read it for exactly the same reason I wrote it. I love Stan Laurel. Similarly, those who read my tributes to Nick Courtney and Lis Sladen. I can take no credit, nor do I want any. That people read the posts dedicated to them is evidence of how respected they are.

I am going to name-drop, something I seldom do, because, as I am sure you know, Lis Sladen was particularly special to me. I grew up watching her as "My Sarah Jane". Today, Daniel Anthony, who played Clyde Langer in "The Sarah Jane Adventures", read my tribute to Lis, and tweeted "lovely tribute mate". Why do I mention this? Again, it isn't (I promise!) born of ego. It is out of sheer joy and gratitude. That someone who knew and worked with Lis cared enough to read it means more than you can ever imagine. 

I am deeply humbled and grateful, in equal measure, to each and every person who has taken the time to read my blog, to retweet it, mention it or comment, whether in agreement or otherwise. I never, for one moment, imagined I'd be thanking so many people. 400 reads on one post alone is insane, and a total of 2,000 is gratifying and, I must confess, a tad daunting. I feel, perhaps, I should be writing something more deserving of so many readers.

I hope, in all of the tributes I have written, that I have done some small justice to the subject to whom they are dedicated. As to my other posts, I hope they have entertained or interested you. I have certainly enjoyed writing each and every post. That people have been so receptive has been surprising and has not gone unnoticed,

Quite simply, thank you! Just that. Thank you. I am not good at handling praise, so if I simply say "thanks" on Twitter, it is not out of disinterest or ego, but because I never really know quite how to respond, hence this post, which takes me beyond he confines of 140 characters, where I can better articulate my thoughts. I am truly honoured that you would give my ramblings the time of day. I appreciate the support more than words can adequately express, on any platform, but please know that it is never unnoticed or never taken for granted.

2,000 views.. Who'd a thunk it..! From the heart of my bottom and the bottom of my heart, thank you. You're all fucking amazing!

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