Tuesday 16 June 2015

Of Mice and Stalkers. The Saga Continues.

Of Mice and Stalkers One would think, after the last blog post on the subject, (which you can find here) I would have heard the last of my stalker. One would think...

To be fair, the past month, since writing the blog post, things have been fairly quiet. I now know this is largely due to the fact my stalker has been on holiday. I know this because, a mere DAY after he returned, he followed me on Twitter. There is, within the Twitter API (programming), a bug which randomly unblocks users who have previously been blocked. What then ensued were a couple of sycophantic, and decidedly creepy, tweets to me, offering to "put the past behind us" since we "have so much in common".

I have made it abundantly clear, time and time again, that I have NO interest in communicating with this individual whatsoever. The mere fact he was aware I (or Twitter, courtesy of the irritating glitch) had unfollowed him proves beyond any doubt that he was checking my timeline. Certainly, one can check in users YOU have blocked (which, for the record, he hasn't blocked me). What you cannot do is see who blocks you, unless you go to their timeline and attempt to follow them.

After an hour of bewilderment and bemusement, I let fly yesterday. I made it ABSOLUTELY clear, in no uncertain terms, that he is unwelcome. He, of course, denied all knowledge of the Twitter glitch, despite the fact he had been put firmly in his place by another user, whom he refollowed, despite being blocked. She made it perfectly clear that she had not unblocked him, so his denials fall upon deaf ears.

During, or shortly after, my tirade, a mental health charity who, he claims, approached him (untrue, as he foisted himself upon them), became aware of the situation, courtesy of another user. They subsequently deleted all tweets to him, and blocked him. I, naturally, am being blamed for that; I anticipated as much.

I would have let things lie, but for the developments of the day. Another user, a young lady with severe mental health problems, blocked him a while back. I suspect the Twitter glitch is responsible for unblocking, as he tweeted her, despite her desire to have no contact with him. I pointed this out, by subtweeting, which he clearly read, as he subsequently deleted the tweet, quietly hoping no one would notice. Unfortunately, at least, for him, I have the screenshots to substantiate this. Just to ensure she knew he was still around, however, he then followed the last person she interacted with, almost immediately.

I'm a big boy. I have broad shoulders, an acid tongue, and can handle anything thrown at me. But when people like Ol' Stalky, as I have come to know him, starts harassing people with serious mental health conditions, AND who have EXPRESSLY stated a desire to have no contact, then I have a real fucking problem with that.

This asshole claims to support mental health charities and sufferers. He claims to be an anti-bullying "ambassador". The truth is, he is neither. He foists himself upon people, and charities, without a thought for their wellbeing, to inflate his own ego. 

His latest tweet is yet another indirect attack on me, for calling out his behaviour. Again. In it, he ascribes the blame squarely at my doorstep, and resolves not to support anyone with mental health problems, or victims of bullying, due to my actions, and a conversation between one of the mental health groups and another user. It is, once again, a precise and deliberate attempt to foster drama and illicit sympathy, for a situation of his own making.

Perhaps, if he behaved appropriately, particularly toward those with mental health issues, people wouldn't feel the need to raise their concerns with organisations with whom he attempts to curry favour. Perhaps, if he behaved appropriately, the aforementioned organisations would not drop him like the proverbial hot potato. I am certain these groups do not simply accept my, or any other users, words at face value. I am confident they have the intelligence to assess the situation themselves, and reach their own conclusions. I cannot be held liable for the conclusions they reach. 

Remember, ALL of this started by him following ME. The fact he has the temerity to then blame ME for him following ME, aside from making my head spin, is laughable. He knows I have no desire to foster any relations with him, and yet, despite repeated, and often colourful denouncements, he continues to inveigle his way into my Twitter life. Being unblocked (deliberately, accidentally, or in my case, and at least one other) categorically does NOT equate to an invitation to follow or interact, particularly when it has been made clear to him that his presence is not wanted. 

To conclude, I will address him directly, as I am certain he will read this. Just stop. For the love of all sanity, STOP. You are embarrassing yourself. People can see EXACTLY what you are doing, and your pathetic attempts to reverse the situation, in order to present yourself as the "victim" simply serve to make you look pathetic. I have no idea what, if anything, is going on inside your cranium. In what world is it acceptable to approach mentally ill people who have expressly told you to leave them alone, and then delete the evidence. In what world do you EVER envisage us enjoying a friendship?

Let me be clear. I have NO DESIRE TO EVER HEAR YOUR NAME AGAIN, much less hear from you, and as sure as water is wet, I do NOT expect to see you following me. As stated previously, I have broad shoulders. To me, you are a pest. An irritant, who, like cystitis, flares up every few weeks to burn my piss. Others are less well equipped to deal with your behaviour, and I am warning you, in no uncertain terms, if you persist, I will take every possible action within the law to put a stop to your activities, even if I have to take legal action. You are NOT the victim in ANY of this. You are the aggressor. The instigator. YOU started this nonsense, by following ME, and then by interacting with people who would rather be left in peace. And now you want to play the victim? I'm sorry, old son, it doesn't work like that. So, bloody well pack it in. I know what you are doing. YOU know PRECISELY what you are doing. Former allies of yours have seen what you do, and have wisely abandoned you. Just behave. That's all you need to do. Leave us alone, get on with your life, stop obsessing over those who have blocked you, and behave.

If your actions persist, my next blog post will name you publicly, and present screenshots of your nonsense, and hang the consequences. Since every word I have written is true, the ramifications would be substantially more damaging for you than for me.

You claim you "respect me". Then respect my wishes. Leave me alone. Go away. Do not contact me again, by tweet, subtweet, email, carrier pigeon or fucking smoke signals. I don't want to know. If yesterday's barrage of expletive laden tweets failed to get the message across, my next course of action, courtesy of my solicitor, most certainly will..!

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