Wednesday 16 September 2015

Milestone Musings...

I write this with a mixture of emotions. The past couple of days have been extraordinary for my blog. Yesterday, it reached a whopping 10,000 readers, and today, my blog post on the appalling homeopathy nutcase has not only become my most read post, it is also the first post to pass 1,000 views. That really is quite incredible!

Of all my posts, I am rather proud of my latest effort. Not because of ego, or for the number of views, per se. I am proud, because 1,000 people now know exactly what sort of person a grieving family have had to contend with.

It would be easy to celebrate these milestones, however, at the heart of the latest blog post remains a tragedy; that a beautiful little boy is longer with us. His father has been incredibly gracious to me, on Twitter, and his kind words on the post will stay with me for many years. Getting to know him a little has been an honour. 

And so, I thank you all for the support, the retweets, the views and the kind comments. They are all hugely appreciated, more than you could ever know. To my guest bloggers, I thank you for your efforts. Again, they are all greatly appreciated. 

Some of my posts have a serious side, some are purely entertainment. I have enjoyed writing them all, and will continue to do so. So, no lengthy speeches, no long post.. Just a simple and heartfelt thank you for the support and kindness. 


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