Sunday 20 September 2015

Angrier Musings..

I am angry. Scratch that. I am fucking fuming. One would have thought, in light of the blog post on the cruel harassment by Sandra Hermann-Courtney on Twitter, posting as @BrownBagPantry toward to Dave Hope and his family, that she would have shown some contrition, apologised and dropped the matter. So, has she? Has she fuck!
No, what she has done is to double down. Between her and one of her acolytes, she has succeeded in driving Dave off of Twitter, at least for the time being, and led him to suicidal thoughts.
Since the previous post, which you can read HERE, Ms Hermann-Courtney saw fit to publish 32 pages of screenshots; a list of all the “anti-homeopathy” people she has proudly blocked. This, at first glance, seems fairly innocuous behaviour, if a little irrational, until one delves a little deeper. I do not propose to repost the image here, but suffice to say it contained the profile information of Dave’s partner, and consequently, an image of their deceased child, who features in her avatar.
Dave made numerous impassioned pleas to Ms Hermann-Courtney, who saw fit to ignore his requests for the removal of the image. Despite making it abundantly clear that her behaviour is causing great distress to Dave, to the point that he is suicidal, the images remained online for two days.
It took the threat of legal action, along with Dave creating a secondary account, for the sole purpose of effecting the removal of the image, for their deletion. They were not deleted graciously, or apologetically. No. Rather, Ms Hermann-Courtney lays the blame at everyone else’s door, even accusing those sceptical of homeopathy of “coaching” Dave, and attempting to hound her off of Twitter.
Neither of these accusations are true, though it has to be said, Twitter would be a much nicer place if she DID remove herself…

Enter into the fray, one “Zimfara Janus”, posting as @ZimJay. If you thought Sandra was a piece of work, as the old saying goes, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…
Zimfara, who’s real name is Janine Robertshaw (who now uses her maiden name,  Janine Zimardo), upon reading that Dave was suicidal, felt THIS was an appropriate response…

Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Ms Robertshaw’s daughter, Beth Robertshaw, posting as @Bethannr679 upon the suggestion that she speak to her mother about the inappropriate comments, chimed in with…

The “pile of trash” to which she refers includes myself (couldn’t care less), and Dave. A grieving, suicidal man, who she goes on to accuse of harassment, “fake” suicide tweets and “false drama”. That is utterly beneath contempt. I would ask that readers please report these three accounts, for their sustained harassment of a grieving family, as this cannot be allowed to continue. Twitter have, so far, been utterly useless, and have taken no action.
There are plenty more tweets, all in a similar vein. I do not propose to clutter up my blog with too many of them. Aside from anything else, quite frankly, they turn my stomach.
So, to address Janine Robertshaw directly. You are scum. You are beneath contempt. I already know your name. My next port of call will be to forward screenshots of your behaviour to your local law enforcement. And, for good measure, to your employer, who I am fairly certain will not approve of one of his employees trolling a suicidal man.
Between yourself and Ms Hermann-Courtney, you have succeeded in forcing a grieving man to close his Twitter account, a place where he could find support and sanctuary. How cruel. How petty. How utterly vile.
No, Ms Hermann-Courtney. People will, emphatically, NOT stop blogging about you, until you cease peddling nonsense that can, and does, result in people losing their lives. And, above all, while you continue to harass a completely innocent, bereaved family, whom YOU approached first. You have brought ALL of this upon yourself. As you sow, so shall ye reap, and you, my dear lady, are reaping in abundance.
File 21-09-2015, 00 33 09
No, Ms Robertshaw. The “Bun Vendor” is not “upset”. He is angry. Very, very angry.

Three users. @BrownBagPantry, @ZimJay, and @Bethannr679. Better known as Ms Sandra Hermann-Courtney, Ms Janine Robertshaw (Zimardo), and Ms Beth Robertshaw. I strongly advise people NOT to engage with these people, much as retaliatory tweets may seem tempting. These people do not listen to reason. They care not one iota about the damage they have inflicted. Rather, I ask; no, BEG you to report them to Twitter. My previous blog post has, to date, had almost 1400 views. If this one has a similar quantity, and 20% of those views, DO report these accounts, then surely Twitter will have to sit up and take notice. At least, one would hope so. If they do not, then truly, there is no justice for the people who have been emotionally and mentally scarred by these parasites.

I sincerely hope that Dave’s break from Twitter is short, and allows him to put these appalling incidents behind him. I hope that when he returns, he is left alone by these clowns, and allowed to use the platform for the support he needs, and to engage with the friends he has made. I consider myself privileged to be amongst those friends.

If you happen to have a spare couple of quid, do something truly amazing. Donate it to Dave’s holiday fund. God knows, if anyone deserves a break after the tragic loss of their beautiful son, and the subsequent actions of certain Twitter users who have no morals or shame, it’s him, and his family.

As an addendum to this post, another user, @MedTek, who is equally sceptical of homeopathy has since been the target of Ms Robertshaw. Tragically, last night, her father passed away. Ms Robertshaw (née Zimardo), upon hearing this, felt this was an appropriate way to behave. Words fail me. The second tweet is her response to the admonishment she received.

DISCLAIMER. All images and screenshots are posted under 'Fair Use' which permits use of material without the express permission of the right holder, and are for journalistic and informative purposes only.
My sincere thanks, go to @1azylizzie for her initial work in identifying the user, Zimjay, and to Martin Fortescue (@matinfue) for confirming her precise identity. Thanks also to Dave Hope, who has kindly allowed me to share this experience, along with screenshots, and to my friend, Sandra, aka MedTek. My deepest condolences go to them and their loved ones.
Dedicated to the memory of "PaTek"
Ad Astra


cdogzilla said...

Blocked and reported for targeted harassment.

MetalOllie said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Another attack on someone who uses freedom of speech, the so called person they targeted has form for lying and has been done for fraud in the UK he is a scam artist

MetalOllie said...

@Anonymous I should like to see you back up those claims. You won't, nor can you, since they are categorically untrue. Get out from behind your anonymous state and make those comments, and see how fast my solicitor gets in touch. Bloody coward. I have a VERY good idea of who you are, based on Google Analytics and my blog statistics, and should I prove to be correct, I will sue you.

Anonymous said...

I am informed that @BrownBagPantry is now dead. So apparently she will not be around to hassle a grieving family anymore.